Journey to Manhood

Journey to Manhood (J2M) is similar to IYM but designed for young men ages 10-18. One of the program’s goals is to foster choosing healthy alternatives to gang and violent activities.

Journey to Manhood (J2M) is dedicated to educating and empowering young men within the community and surrounding areas. J2M strives to provide a positive environment in which young men can flourish and become the men they have the potential to be.

There are many issues that young adults face on a daily basis. J2M encourages young men to discuss the issues affecting themselves, as well as, their communities.

J2M aims to prepare today’s youth for the future through various activities including college prep, finance lessons, leadership training, homework assistance, and much more.

J2M emphasizes social skills development, self-esteem, and confidence building, as well as, teamwork, self-control, work ethics, and brotherhood.